Why Should I Use Ranker?

We thought this question might come up, so we made a list of the Reasons to Rank on Ranker

Does Ranker Charge?

Nope, not a dime. We just want to help you make awesome lists.

So How Does Ranker Make Money?

The international arms trade.

NO! I mean, we sell ads and we include links to where you buy things like music or movies that have been ranked on lists.

We'd appreciate it if you disabled your ad blockers when on the site, and supported our great sponsors, to help us keep the lights on

Is There a Full List of Ranker's Rules of Conduct?

Yes. Here's a link to Ranker's Terms and Conditions

Browsing Ranker

Do I Have to Make a Ranker Account?

You can look around the site at all the lists and enjoy Ranker's great content without signing in or setting up an account.

However, if you want to vote, build lists or participate in any other ways, we ask that you please sign up and log in.

You can use Facebook, Twitter or Google to access the site if you don't want to create a new account. Just look for their icons next to the "Signup" button in the upper left hand corner of any Ranker page, or click Signup and you'll be given the option of which service to use.

Can I Leave Comments on Lists?

Yes! Please do!

We use Disqus for our comments section, so if you are already registered with them, you can simply type your comment and then use that user/password to post it. If you don't feel like doing that, or registering with Disqus, you can easily just post a comment with whatever name you choose. All you have to do is enter your email (which will not be seen on the page).

If you don't register with Disqus, you won't know when someone replies to your comment, but you can just check back the old-school way.

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